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It is said that nothing is impossible. Guess what ? I do nothing. Such 24 hilarious tweets funny are here. Enjoy them.


  1. Posted by EiraChris, — Reply

    My three year old a few minutes ago when I asked if he was bored cuz he was laying on the floor says "no when food comes down the sky then we EAT IT!!"

  2. Posted by aaliyahahmed19, — Reply

    I once asked my 3 year old cousin what his favorite dinosaur was, I was expecting "that one" but instead he replied "Pachycephalosaurus". Idek what discovery channel did to him but now all he talks about is dinosaurs and gold mining

  3. Posted by diamondrareplayz, — Reply

    Me when I was three (so this makes sense, I was a quiet kid) Mom: Say "I love you" Me: .... In the morning Me waking up my mother: Tv..disney..what buttons

  4. Posted by Fxllenrxse, — Reply

    I asked my three year old cousin what he wanted to be when he grew up... let me tell you I wasnt expecting "Hannibal lecter's cousin"

  5. Posted by FakeBetch5, — Reply

    I once asked my brother why he broke my ukulele and his only response was “ukuleles get broke” so i was like fair enough then

  6. Posted by kjamcm, — Reply

    Honestly tho. Conversations with three year olds go like this “Hello” “what’s ur third favorite reptile?”

  7. Posted by Sam42564256, — Reply

    So I’m gunna stay in this comment section for a while- if anyone wants to start a conversation

  8. Posted by jennaschultz07, — Reply

    Umm if ur three years old nephew is smarter than you....BIG YIKES🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  9. Posted by 22mileven, — Reply

    My 3 year old sis: WhY iS tHe TV nOt WoKuNG!?

  10. Posted by fargaz99, — Reply

    Dead languages would disagree.

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